Telemarketing is the most popular, dynamic, flexible and effective marketing and communications technique available. The potential effectiveness of the human-to-human contact provided by a telephone call far exceeds that of most social and digital media contacts. Learn more below.

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Telemarketing Rules & Tools for Business, B2B and B2C

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What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing (also know as inside sales) is the activity or job of selling goods or services either over the telephone or at a subsequent face-to-face appointment or webinar. A person or company that performs these services is often referred to as a telemarketer. Tasks often include lead generation, appointment setting, lead qualification, cold calling, list scrubbing, event registrations, telesales, up-selling/cross-selling, telephone sales and similar tasks.

Types of Telemarketing Services:

  • Inbound Calls - Call center agents handle the incoming calls from your marketing campaigns.
  • Outbound Calls - Call center agents make the outgoing calls for your marketing campaigns.
  • B2B Campaigns - Telesales agents call businesses performing as your inside sales team.
  • B2C Campaigns - Telesales agents call consumers performing as an inside sales team.
  • Automated - Automated services reduce the cost of marketing campaigns.
  • Cold Calling Services - Trained agents make the first contacts (called “cold calls”) for you.
  • Third Party Verification - Provides the verification services required by law or needed to resolve disputes.

How do you get started?

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Small Businesses Customer Talking to Inbound Telemarketer

Small Business

Services tailored for the small business, startup business or the smaller budget.

Agents Performing Telemarketing Services


Services tailored for the mid-size business or any business looking to implement full service marketing campaigns.

Corporated Marketing CEO Uses Advanced Telemarketing Services


Advanced campaigns for larger businesses or corporations looking for more complex solutions - up to the outsourcing of your inside sales or customer care team.


Strategies, Rules and Tools

Telemarketing services performed by our professional call center agents are highly effective in producing qualified leads, ready-to-buy appointment attendees and filled event seats. However, sound marketing strategies are essential and all telemarketers must comply with regulatory requirements. Here are two key resources to help plan your campaign and comply with regulations:

We offer the tools, services and consultations you need to make your marketing campaign a success.



Learn everything you need to know before investing in a campaign. Check out our toolbox, tips, white papers, articles and project worksheet.



We offer all the services you need for successful inbound and outbound campaigns. Learn about our telemarketing services.



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Telemarketer Jobs

Interested in a career as a telemarketer? Learn about Job Requirements and Employment Opportunities for telemarketers.

Industries Served

Our call center agents have handled campaigns for:

  • Beauty Salons and Suppliers
  • Catalogers
  • Cable Providers
  • Consumer products
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial & Banking Services
  • Gourmet Food
  • High-tech Companies
  • ISP and Telco Firms
  • Non-profits
  • and Many others

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