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Cold Calling Services

Cold calling, that first telephone call to a prospective customer, is an important stage and technique in the selling process.  AnswerNet can make these cold calls for you.

Agents Performing Cold Calling Services

Agents Performing Cold Calling Services

Cold Calling Services - We can make the calls for you.

What is cold calling?
Cold calling is the first contacting of potential customers, by phone or in person to sell goods or services, or to set a subsequent sales appointment.

Cold calling, if performed properly and not just as merely an indiscriminate "numbers game",  can identify and create huge new business opportunities. Our telesales professionals take a consultive approach and work with you to develop  effective calling campaigns and strategies. Draw on our experience to help design your campaigns. Let our trained and experienced agents make the calls for you.

Benefits of Successful Cold Calling Campaigns

Cold calling is how you view it. Businesses and sales people who view cold calling negatively and just as a "numbers game" are typically unsuccessful using it.  However, the success of cold calling methods and techniques fundamentally relies on the business' and telesales person's attitude and skills.  Successful campaigns have a number of business benefits. Potential business benefits may include:

  • Superseding existing suppliers
  • Preempting the competition
  • Identifying new business possibilities
  • Creating new business opportunities

Cold Calling Tips and Scripts

There have been countless attempts to create effective techniques and scripts. But, there is no magic cold calling script. There is no magic method. However, there are many helpful guides and methodologies available. Some basic tips include:

  • Prepare - your self, your environment, your knowledge, and know who you represent
  • Introduction - key phrases explaining and positioning yourself and your purpose
  • Question - be helpful, facilitate and enable - don't make assumptions, sell or push
  • Be Objective - act as an advisor - don't sell
  • Listen and interpret - don't sell
  • Inform / educate - don't sell
  • Coordinate and keep prospect involve in a discussion - don't try to sell
  • Keep in touch - keep notes, keep informed, set appointments

AnswerNet staff can work with you to develop and test calling scripts and guides - making it easier for agents to not sound like they are just reading from a script.

Initiate a Discussion, Set the Appointment

The key is to not be selling on the initial cold call - in the sense of pushing, telling, advancing the features or benefits of your own products or services. Generally the objective of the cold call is to start a discussion and, if the prospect is agreeable, set an appointment. The appointment could be for a phone call,  a webinar, a conference call,  a video conference, a face-to-face meeting - or even just getting agreement for a future call to see how things are going. (If the prospect requests to not be contacted again - honor the request and put them on your company's "do not call" list.)

Experience and Training Matter

AnswerNet cares about the success of your outbound calling campaigns. We take a consultative approach in campaign design and management. Project managers meet with you throughout each step of your calling program to assess results and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Tap into our product expertise and knowledge to gain the strongest results for your outbound calling program. AnswerNet can connect you to our contact centers and staff who have had the most experience and success at handling similar projects in your industry vertical or regional market. Our industry experience includes:

  • Beauty Salons and Suppliers
  • Biotech companies
  • Catalogers
  • Cable Providers
  • Conferences and seminar agencies
  • Computer hardware/ software firms
  • Consumer products
  • Financial & Banking Services
  • Gourmet Food
  • High-tech Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • ISP and Telco Firms
  • Non-profits
  • and many other industries

Our telesales agents will be trained on your business' services and products. Training and experience can help to make the cold call a more enjoyable opportunity for both your business and the prospect. 

Benefits of Our

Let AnswerNet be your cold calling service. The benefits of having AnswerNet help with your calling campaigns include:

  • Proven Reliability
  • Zero Staffing Overhead Costs
  • Flexible and Tailored to Your Budget
  • Programs Designed to Benefit Any Business Size
  • B2B and B2C Experience and Expertise
  • PCI‐DSS Compliant
  • Agents Located in United States or Canada
  • Bilingual Support including Spanish and French
  • Helps to Comply w/ Telemarketing Laws


Available features of our outbound cold calling services include:

  • Customized Sales Campaigns
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • List Scrubbing
  • Optional Fulfillment Services
  • Payment Processing
  • Up‐selling/Cross‐selling
  • Appointment Setting
  • Seminar/Event Registration

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