Telemarketing Services Automated

Automated Telemarketing

Automate telemarketing by using IVR. Reach buyers, prospects and customers quickly, effectively and inexpensively.

Automate Telemarketing Services

Automate Telemarketing by using IVR

Automated Inbound & Outbound Telemarketing

Allow your customers to interact with important databases without the need for agent intervention by using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services to automate telemarketing.

Reach out to buyers and prospects quickly, effectively and inexpensively.

Generate highly profitable inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing results by minimizing costs with our IVR systems.

Ask AnswerNet to supply you with inbound interactive voice response (IVR) technology to provide effective, affordable automated telemarketing services.

IVR enables callers to interact with your databases to accomplish repetitive tasks, at the lowest possible price. Call on us to arrange outbound IVR. Outbound IVR leaves short effective voice messages to drive inbound responses.

IVR Telemarketing Benefits

Reduce live agent call handling time and cost by letting the IVR take basic information like names and account numbers. Let AnswerNet connect your application to any database or knowledgebase needed or used by your callers. Permit outbound IVR to alert customers, such as for new offers, appointment reminders, product/service changes, recalls and past-due accounts.

Whether for inbound or outbound telemarketing, IVR gets results. Consult with us to devise caller-friendly and response-generating scripts tailored to your individualized needs and designed to minimize live agent involvement or calling.

Supply Your Vocal FAQ & Deliver Critical Information

Inbound IVR can be used for a wide range of applications including inbound telemarketing, customer surveys, help desk and disaster backup. AnswerNet can provide the IVR standalone or link it into contact centers.

Doing a lead generation campaign? Use our IVR to ask callers for more information and we can document those calls into a priority database. Launching a new credit card or loan program? Our IVR can pre-qualify them. We’ll capture the callers’ data and transfer the IVR-screened calls to your reps or our agents. That way you’ll get the best of both automated and live agent inbound telemarketing.

There are inquiry situations where your customers, clients, and patients may prefer not to speak to live agents. Have AnswerNet’s IVR respond with vital and confidential information like bank and credit card balances. Should they want to speak with live agents we can make that happen.

Dealer/Office Locator

Assist customers, clients, prospects and patients with finding your store or office with AnswerNet’s IVR-enabled dealer/office locator service! We can capture where the caller is located through automatic number identification (ANI) or by having the IVR menu ask them. Then our system matches that information with yours and recites your address and business hours.

Want to snatch and retain that customer or prospect? Offer callers the option of automatically being transferred to the nearest dealer or connect them to live agents if they need more information. AnswerNet’s agents are trained to convert information calls into inbound telemarketing sales.

Front-End Your CRM

Build new and develop existing customer relationships on inbound telemarketing calls with AnswerNet’s IVR. Take orders quickly and automatically by capturing order numbers, quantities, addresses and credit card information. Activate credit cards and prepaid calling cards, then patch in live agents to cross-sell/upsell. Turn customer relationship management into telemarketing opportunities.

Identify callers and route them to contact center agents assigned by customer rank/value, language, product/service or geography. Direct them to the right department or person with our auto-attendant. Use the IVR menus to answer or direct your general inquiries before offering live agent zero-out. Survey your customers about their buying experience.

Deliver Messages Fast

Deliver voice messages to businesses and consumers even when no one is there or is answering the phone. Use AnswerNet’s outbound IVR for outbound telemarketing, survey consumers and businesses, make announcements and confirm appointments, seminar attendance and meetings.

Changing your address, phone number or office hours? Our outbound IVR makes getting the word to your client or prospect list quickly and inexpensively. Have a hot telemarketing deal? Use our outbound IVR to tell your clientele.

A Simple and Cost Effective Solution

Outsourcing IVR inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing to AnswerNet saves on technology investments and delivers results quickly. Accounts and programs can be launched in as little as 72 hours. You buy only what you need. No hardware or software is necessary. Real-time summarized or detailed reporting is available.

Our outbound IVR is simple to set up. Record your message right over the phone. Ask us to help you create effective scripts and make the messages sound live.

Specify start/stop/continuation times for broadcasting and number of deliveries. Our dialers tap into your database of telephone numbers to deliver your messages to your targeted group.

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