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Outbound Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing involves calling people or businesses to sell them products and services, to gain their support and participation or to provide them with customer service.

Reach Out with Outbound Telemarketing Services

Reach Out with Outbound Services

Outbound Telemarketing Services

Outbound telemarketing services can include calling prospects to generate and qualify leads, set appointments, prompt prospects to visit stores and showrooms or to register attendees for conferences and webinars. Often the objective of telemarketing is to sell products and services. However, outbound calling campaigns can include a wide range of applications including: 

  • Staying in touch, keeping your database up to date
  • Appointment setting and appointment reminders
  • Customer care
  • Seminar confirmations
  • Trade show follow up
  • Cold calling to promote events
  • Political campaign polling, get-out-to vote calls
  • Contacting class action law suit members
  • Product recall notifications
  • Cold-calling for leads and appointments

Often calling campaigns require both inbound and outbound call center services.

Reach Out With AnswerNet Outbound Telemarketing Services

Get the word out to customers and prospects and free up your time and resources by asking AnswerNet to handle your outbound telemarketing. Connect with your customers and clients with a complete range of outbound  services. Whether business-to-consumer or business-to-business, AnswerNet’s outbound telemarketing services get results.

Customized, Attentive Customer Acquisitions

AnswerNet’s goal is to turn each contact into sales and results. We select, assign, train, supervise and monitor top-performing agents. Ask us to customize scripts for different market segments using appeals that will get results.

Tap into our product expertise and knowledge to gain the strongest results for your outbound telemarketing program. AnswerNet can connect you to our contact centers and staff who have had the most experience and success at handling similar projects in your industry vertical or regional market. Get the most leads and sales at the lowest cost. We employ predictive dialing software on large-volume campaigns that enable high agent productivity.

Effective Lead Qualification

Determine your true sales prospects by asking AnswerNet to qualify leads for your sales team. We can warm transfer hot leads. We can also close lesser-value outbound telemarketing sales. Your sales professionals are free to pursue the higher-value deals and build relationships with top buyers and prospects.

Making and Ensuring Appointments

Ask AnswerNet to take care of appointment setting so that your sales teams can focus on getting those handshakes and signatures. Let our outbound telemarketing agents qualify leads, see whether prospects are interested and set up the times with our online appointment scheduling program. We can also send out reminder emails, text messages and outbound voice messages to confirm appointments.

Hot prospects on the lines? AnswerNet’s outbound agents can patch in your sales staff to complete the deals. Customers or prospects wish to change or cancel appointments? We can make the schedule changes for you.

Quality List Management and Regulatory Compliance

Sound accurate, lists are key to effective outbound telemarketing campaigns. Our list scrubbing services eliminate duplicate names and phone numbers. We can test lists to help you identify ones that will be most productive.

Through our partners AnswerNet scrubs names against Do Not Call lists. That way we reach customers and prospects that are potentially receptive to your offers. We help you meet all regulatory requirements to ensure program compliance.

Caring for Customers

Outbound telemarketing is a powerful customer care tool. Let AnswerNet contact your customers to ensure they are enjoying your product or service and to see if they have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Call customers to assure issues or complaints were resolved. Follow up with customers to get their feedback on recent service visits. Ask our outbound agents to notify customers about hot deals keyed to their interests or about critical information like software bugs or product defects that show that you are looking out for them.

When customers are on the line is a perfect opportunity for cross-selling/up-selling targeted offers. AnswerNet’s outbound agents are trained to know the right moment when to turn outbound service calls into sales opportunities.

A Consultative Approach

AnswerNet cares about the success of your outbound telemarketing campaigns. We take a consultative approach in campaign design and management. Project managers meet with you throughout each step of your program to assess results and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Flexible Pricing

Outbound telemarketing entails risks. AnswerNet has low minimums, flexible pilot programs and customized pricing methods. We can work with you to make your program a success.

Outbound Telemarketing differs from Inbound Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing services have a clear objective – to reach out to customers and prospects via telephone in order to sell products and services. This approach involves various tactics such as generating and qualifying leads, prompting potential customers to visit stores and showrooms, and setting appointments. Additionally, outbound telemarketing involves turning outbound customer care calls into sales opportunities by cross-selling and upselling targeted offers. The ultimate aim is to maximize sales conversions and revenue generation through proactive outbound communication.

In contrast, inbound telemarketing services focus on handling incoming calls from customers who express interest in purchasing goods and services. The primary goal of inbound telemarketing is to provide attractive and targeted offers to both prospects and existing customers. By utilizing inbound calls generated through print ads, direct response television (DRTV), and infomercials, telemarketers can effectively cross-sell and upsell relevant products and services. This approach enables businesses to make the most of inbound customer inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving additional revenue.

To summarize, outbound telemarketing services aim to proactively initiate contact with customers and prospects to drive sales, while inbound telemarketing services focus on handling incoming calls and providing enticing offers to interested customers. Both approaches play distinct roles in the overall telemarketing strategy, contributing to revenue growth and customer relationship management.

It is important to note that these two approaches to telemarketing are not mutually exclusive. Brands can adopt both inbound and outbound strategies to establish a relationship with consumers effectively. Developing a well-structured strategy that combines these approaches is crucial in order to achieve optimal results in telemarketing efforts.

Whether you explore outbound telemarketing, inbound telemarketing or both, we are here to help.

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