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B2C Telemarketing

Business to Consumer, also known as B2C telemarketing services, involves calling consumers to sell them products and services, to gain their support and participation or to provide them with customer service.

Telemarketing for B2C Businesses

Telemarketing for B2C Businesses

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Telemarketing Services

Develop and expand your reach into consumer markets with high quality inbound and outbound B2C telemarketing services. 

Follow through with hassle-free order entry, credit card processing and fulfillment including reverse logistics. Keep the customers you acquired with highly responsive customer service.

AnswerNet can help you carry out these tasks successfully with our business-to-consumer telemarketing services.

Inbound and Outbound B2C Telemarketing

AnswerNet is ready to meet your needs with inbound and outbound telemarketing, order entry, appointment scheduling, and lead generation and qualification services.

Experienced, trained agents establish and build consumer trust, identify needs and respond with targeted offers. Interactive voice response (IVR) on inbound telemarketing calls enables your CRM strategy by identifying customers and prospects. Our agents can then present them with targeted offers.

Cross-selling and Up-selling

People will always have needs they haven’t vocalized. AnswerNet’s agents put forward targeted offers at the right times in the interactions for maximum results. Customers will be glad they called, or you called them.

Quality Customer Care

Looking after consumers is the best way to retain them for future business. AnswerNet staff provides courteous, friendly and helpful customer service. We can also make outbound customer care calls.

For complex products and services we offer first level help desk services. Our agents can open trouble tickets, warm-transfer support issues and page/dispatch your technicians.

Quick Notifications Using Outbound B2C Telemarketing

Generate a buzz before your new product arrives or service goes live! AnswerNet can place outbound B2C telemarketing calls or send out automated outbound IVR notifications before they hit the market. 

Late payments? Avoid losing customers by sending them outbound IVR reminder messages.

Product recalls or service changes? Outbound notifications keep consumers informed and loyal. Ask about our corporate hotlines.

Worry-free Compliance with Telemarketing Laws

Through our partners, AnswerNet helps ensure your inbound and outbound business-to-consumer telemarketing programs comply with the latest telemarketing legislation and regulations.

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