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B2B Telemarketing

Business to Business, also known as B2B telemarketing services, involves calling businesses to offer them products and services, to invite them to events or to provide them customer service.

Connecting Businesses through Telemarketing

Business-to-Business (B2B) Telemarketing Services

Successful B2B Telemarketing requires a professional approach. Our business-to-business telemarketing agents are experts at communicating to customers and prospects at their level. We establish and build profitable relationships on your behalf.

People, Process and Technology Are Key

To make your business-to-business telemarketing program a success AnswerNet recruits intelligent people, tests their people skills, teaches them a lot about business and sales and phone techniques. We work with you to educate them about your company, and put them to work in dedicated teams. Then we monitor their performance continuously to help them improve.

You can be assured that your AnswerNet B2B telemarketing team is working in top form with our performance monitoring process. It delivers metrics that assure you we’re doing our job and provides actionable business data that drives your sales, marketing, and customer development programs to new levels of success.

You can depend on AnswerNet’s technology. You will get critical information delivered from your AnswerNet team directly into your own systems. We can build a database for you or hook into your existing ones. To respond to your prospects and customers in the medium of their choice AnswerNet integrates multiple contact channels to agents’ desktops.

Whether with voice, email, text, fax or live chat, AnswerNet teams deliver B2B inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing results that exceed expectations.

Outbound B2B Telemarketing

Grow your sales, generate and qualify hotter leads; sign up more appointments, and spark interest in and register crowds of attendees for conferences and seminars. AnswerNet’s highly experienced outbound telemarketing agents can meet your objectives and then some.

The key to opening the doors to buyers and decision makers on outbound B2B telemarketing calls is getting by the gatekeepers: receptionists, secretaries and attendants - automated and human. We can get your message through these barriers to the right people.

Once inside, AnswerNet’s professional agents initiate and carry out unscripted business conversations. They listen for the exact moments when your customers or prospects want more information, are ready to speak to your sales reps to close deals or buy on the spot.

Inbound B2B Telemarketing

Ask AnswerNet to handle your inbound B2B telemarketing needs. We supply quick and accurate order processing, literature request fulfillment and buyer qualification. Have your sales staff follow up on hot leads served by our inbound telemarketing agents or ask them to close sales. When you have satisfied customers on the phone, cross-sell/up-sell them targeted offers.

Selling to businesses via catalogs or on your web site? Ask AnswerNet to enter orders, process credit cards and handle billing and fulfillment. We can also manage product returns.

B2B Customer Care and Support

Take care of your B2B buyers and retain them with quality customer care. Our agents can answer questions, provide first level help desk support, open trouble tickets and page/dispatch field staff.

Protect Your Business Income

Telemarketing provides a vital income stream for your enterprise. AnswerNet protects it with our network of 25+ contact centers located across the U.S. and in Canada.

When disasters threaten, we back up your program at unaffected sites. We train staff, shift customer data and automatically transfer calls and contacts to the other facilities. Customer contacts are handled seamlessly.

Should there be longer than expected wait times, we can put messages on your lines asking callers to be patient on account of the particular event.

B2B Telemarketing Services differ from B2C Telemarketing

Utilize outbound B2B calling services to effectively acquire business customers, qualify prospects, and seamlessly pass hot leads to your dedicated sales representatives and deal closers. Our inbound B2B services are designed to efficiently qualify buyers for follow-up by your sales team, close sales, process orders, and maximize revenue through strategic cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) Calling

When it comes to connecting with your target audience and driving sales of your products and services, our outbound B2C calling strategies are your go-to solution. Our expert telemarketers will present attractive and targeted offers directly to prospects and existing customers, ensuring maximum conversion rates. Additionally, our inbound call handling programs are designed to capitalize on the effectiveness of your print ads, DRTV, and infomercials by effectively cross-selling and upselling to callers.

However, it is crucial to understand the key differences between B2B and B2C telemarketing. B2B telemarketing focuses exclusively on engaging with other businesses, while B2C telemarketing targets individual consumers. Our B2B telemarketers are highly skilled in making persuasive and informative calls to decision-makers in various industries, educating them about your product or service, and ultimately driving sales. In contrast, our B2C telemarketing experts excel in reaching out to potential customers and existing clients, presenting compelling offers tailored to their needs and preferences.

By leveraging our B2B telemarketing services, you can expect a personalized approach that aligns with your business goals, aiming to establish strong relationships with decision-makers and provide practical solutions to their pain-points. Our B2C telemarketing strategies, on the other hand, are designed to captivate and engage individual consumers, maximizing the value of each interaction and driving conversions.

In conclusion, whether it's B2B or B2C telemarketing, our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet your specific needs. Our skilled telemarketers are ready to assist you in reaching your target audience, driving sales, and achieving your business objectives. Discover the power of our B2B and B2C telemarketing solutions today.

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